About Me

Hello! My name is Michael Caristo, and live in Brighton, MI. My hobbies include chess, video games, technology, building computers, and photography.

Michael Caristo

There are some of us who do what they have to, and some that do what they love. I am part of the latter. The reason I am able to do this is because I know myself, and more importantly where my talents and interests intersect.

I am a software engineer and digital artist. Both cater to my primary passions; problem solving and creativity. The two seem very different but in essence are very much the same, in fact most problem solving requires a creative solution.

I live my life the same way as I play chess. I move with initiative, leaving reaction to my opposition. If I am unsuccessful then I learn why, and do not make the same mistake again. If I am successful then I learn why, and try to be more efficient next time. I would rather lose a difficult game, than win an easy one.

My objective is simple, to create better video games than the ones that have inspired me into this field. Not to sound arrogant but standing on the shoulders of giants I should be able to reach higher.

And yes, I will fix your computer.

 Software I Know


Associate of Applied Science – Software Engineering

Digital Animation & Game Design


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